A Riemannian Geometric Theory of Fields
Regarding the Role of Particles

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Seeing the headline, one will suspect a criticism of quantum mechanics. That is not intended. If the text looks like such criticism, then it is a consequence from all insights and results.
These investigations should rather be a way to get around consequences from the assumption of matter sources in field physics. The alternative proposal consists in the renunciation of sources and in the acknowledgment of integration constants as sole "origin" of non-zero fields. Mathematics gives good reasons for this proposal with the Bianchi identities. But also physical reasons are instanced. This proposal is supported by numbers of particles which are to see from numerical simulations according to the Einstein-Maxwell equations. First imperfect tries show these numbers still with wider tolerances than usual in the standard model. However, these numbers are mutually conditional. - In addition, it is possible to depict the masses of particles and nuclei alone. These results break the alleged limits of the theory of relativity.

Theses on the Geometric Theory of Fields, like a presentation

Obsolete but partly appropriable works

Report on Numerical Simulations (DjVu, 2.4MB)
The same as jpeg pages (3MB for download)
a German-language Textbook (DjVu, 5.5MB)
The same as jpeg pages (7MB for download)

Brief outline of old results,
as list, as ASCII diagrams, with reference values.

Linux programs for processors with 80bit and 128bit floating point registers

Robust Results from Numerical Simulations, three-dimensionally visualized.
Nobody more can call them ``Wunschdenken'' (wishful thinking).
robust.tar.gz (1.3 MB for download, to open under all familiar OS)
robust.tar.bz2 (750 kB for download)
Examples (finished pictures)

Works published in Progress in Physics

The key article on Geometric theory of fields. (Precursor)
``Justifying'' the decisive step.
Geometry of Space-Time
A derivation of Planck's constant in terms of classical fields
Little remarks on black hole stuff
An example how false assumptions arise - a little correction (preprint)

The geometric theory of fields involves also a well supported global solution (possibly known but refused to believe).
Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education (individual print).

Algorithm of Nature (preprint).
That is no new math but an algorithm to numerically solve continuous equations. As well, the theory is not quantized. A kind of eigenvalues is detected, which issue from geometric limits. These eigenvalues correlate with quantities of known particles.
See also viXra:1411.0509

Quantum Particle Diffraction by a Classical Method
authored together with Horst Eckardt.
Horst's Fortran code

An offer for peace.

Two summarizing papers with emphasis to the consequences:
Geometric Theory of Fields Insights and Consequences.
Refused by "Annalen der Physik".
Geometric Theory of Fields what it means
(submitted version).
Published by International Journal of Modern Theoretical Physics.

Stuff regarding masses of nuclei and particles in general
Masses of nuclei constituted from a geometric theory of fields
A particle & nucleus mass howto
(submitted version).
Published by International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer Systems

On a Numerical Method of Solving Physical Problems
(with Horst Eckardt). See also viXra:1505.0232
The set of particle characteristics is revealed to be comparable with Mandelbrot sets.
Prediction of supposed neutrino masses.

An improved version:
A Numerical Method for Prediction of Particle Masses
(preprint, with Horst Eckardt).
Published in Theoretical Mathematics & Applications.

Unified Physics and Properties of Elementary Particles
(verbose + appendix with formulae, with Horst Eckardt).

The math of it
(with Horst Eckardt).